WINEYARD - GRAPES FILMS GRAPE COATS The AGRIVIGNA fi lm range is designed to cover vineyards and is equipped with reinforcements on the middle and sides of the fi lmin. These reinforcements are used as attachment points to secure the fi lmi to the structure of the tie with laces. The lateral stiffeners are equipped with a cord that can be easily attached to the support structure of the tie.

Grape Covers is a widely used application that guarantees much better results in terms of product quantity and quality.

AGRIVIGNA series coatings are manufactured by the most modern seven-layer co-extrusion capable of producing composite polymeric materials.

AGRIVIGNA grapes are very resistant to sulfur.

VIGNALUX is formulated with very special mineral additives that increase light diffusion.

VIGNASOL is formulated with a PE and EVA matrix and contains transparent glass microspheres with the function of filtering selectivity filtering the NIR (Near Infrared) portion of the solar spectrum. The presence of clear glass microspheres makes the harmony between light radiation and temperature control in the bond perfect, thus controlling the temperature during the hottest moments of the day, preventing plants and crops from being damaged by high temperatures and guaranteeing excellent results in terms of yield.

Note: On request, it is possible to apply a side pocket (White PE) to the AGRIVIGNA series to protect the lm. Inside this pocket, the death can be protected from removal from the structure with significant savings in manpower cost.